Toatron Waterless Ecotoilets

Toatron is a waterless toilet with urine separation designed for permanent living.

There can only be one toilet pan for each bio-chamber.

Developed from the original Clivus Multrum toilet (1938) and is far superior to Clivus Multrum’s sold today.

The Toatron uses the same cylindrical bio-chamber as a Low Flush Ecotoilet. The four chamber composter has access to the humus from the top and is very efficient.

It's small size also makes for easy installation, and cheap to ship - saving you money!

Toatrone below floor space requirements

• 1300 diameter x 600 height.

The cylindrical composter requires 815 mm space between bed for base and under the floor joists

The composter is placed directly under the flushless pan. The Toatron, unlike the Aquatron, does need a vent and fan.


On an all round basis the Toatron must be the cheapest toilet! There is little maintenance and no moving parts. It just produces valuable fertiliser. We know of Ecotoilet Toatron toilets that are going well after 25 years of service. Overseas similar toilets can last over 40 years!

The Toatron comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied then for up to 12 months after installation you can return the Toatron to the factory in reasonable condition to receive your purchase price refund.

The four chamber bio-composter comes with a 20 year warranty. (Acts of God such as earthquakes, flood, fire, land slip, misuse and deliberate damage are excluded.)

Toatron kitset price $5,750 + GST. Comes with full manual and easy to follow instructions.

Grey Water System

Ecotoilets Grey Water System is sold separately

Grey Water System kit-set $3,000 + GST

Comes with a manual of how to set up a leach field.